Friday, June 7, 2013

"Learning By Hearts" - A Poem To Read, Learn & Inwardly Digest.

Learning By Hearts (20 steps to Heaven)

Guess Who
Catch Me
Bad Boy
Hug Me
Be Mine
For Ever
I Like You
Gee Whiz
Dream On
Funny Face
Hot Lips
Wild Thing
Trust Me
Kiss Me
I Surrender
All Yours
My Angel
I Love You

Production of Love Hearts began in 1933. They were an updated version of Victorian era Conversation Lozenges. Love Hearts are packaged and typically sold in tubular packs of 20. There are many messages (it is uncommon to find more than 3 repeats in a packet of 20).
Love Hearts currently come in six flavours, each associated with a colour.
  1. White (a plain, sherbet-like, slightly tart vanilla flavour)
  2. Yellow (a sherbet-like flavour with a distinct sharp lemon aftertaste)
  3. Green (a slightly lime flavour with a sherbet-like aftertaste)
  4. Orange (a sweet flavour with a slight orange aftertaste)
  5. Purple (an unusual, slightly perfumed berry-like flavour with a strong aftertaste)
  6. Red (cherry flavour)
This list of flavours start with the weakest flavouring and progresses to the strongest.

The shelf life (indicated by the best before date) is very long - approximately a year and a half.

In Practice "Lovehearts" are Everlasting - as anyone knows who ever fell in love half way down a tube.

Note to Users: This poem is most effective at all Key Stages of Life if recited from memory to the accompaniment of two people scrunching together oblivious of the rest of the World. 

Copyright note - all rights reserved raywilcockson 2013.
This poetic packet becomes indigestible & self-destructs if given to children for consumption as part of a National Curriculum or opened by anyone other than those who are 10 at heart.

Speaking of which  - 10 at heart is the subject of my next post: "The DayThat The Rains Came Down".
Get a supply of "Lovehearts" in - you'll need it.

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