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My SHERLOCK Posts - 2012-13 INDEX

Readers new to Markings may find an index helpful. So, in the tradition of The Strand Magaziine, here is a virtual binding of my seventy-one           DOYLE posts.

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1. The Reichenbach Fall & Beyond. (JANUARY)

2. Dramatising Legend.                 (FEBRUARY)

3. The One Fixed Point in a Changing Age.

4. If The Deerstalker Fits Wear It.

5. The Empire That Declined To Fall.

6. First Editions.

7. The Poetry of Sherlock Holmes.

8. In The Footsteps of Moriarty.       (MARCH)

9. The Passing of Sherlock Holmes (for Jeremy Brett)..

10. Thoughts on Names for a New Sherlock Holmes Club.


11. A Scandal in Bohemia & Irene Adler - Prologue.

12. Masks - A Scandal in Bohemia (Day One).

13. A Pair of Spectacles - A Scandal in Bohemia (Day Two).

14. Irene Adler - A Scandal in Bohemia (Day Three and Beyond).

15. My Ideal Irene Adler.          (APRIL)

16. Occasionally he IS the British Government - IF...

17.April in Londinium - for @HudsonMartha.

18. 100 Years of Sherlock Holmes - Radio Times Extra 1987.

19. The Secret of Sherlock Holmes - Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 1989.

THE EMPTY HOUSE (4 posts).

20. I Turn My Glass - The Empty House (1).

21. I Am Lost Without My Boswell - The Empty House (2).

22. That Awful Abyss - The Empty House (3).

23. We Have Much To Learn From The Flowers - Jeremy Brett Films. (links to online films).

24. Creatures if The Abyss - The Empty House (4).    MAY

JUBILEE& MUSIC 1897 & 2012 (4 posts).

25. The Power of Music - A Jubilee Serenade for Undershaw.

26. At The St. James's Hall - Music for Undershaw.

27. Off To Violin Land - A Stradivarius for Undershaw.

28. Doyle's Waterloo - A Special 1897 Jubilee Post.       JUNE

29.Robert Louis Stevenson's Letters to Conan Doyle 1893-4.

30.The Reichenbach Challenge Cup - The Report of Horace Harker.


31. The Great Hiatus - (1) Stranded Holmesless.

32. The Great Hiatus (2) Sherlock Holmes in Shangri-La.   JULY

FOR UNDERSHAW (2 posts).

33. The Empty Chair - In Memoriam SIr Arthur Conan Doyle.

34. SIr George Newnes - A Philanthropic Lesson for Our Time (for Undershaw).


35. The Letter Edged in Black - framing The Final Problem.

36. Some Deep Organising Power. Moriarty & Conan Doyle's Imagination.

37. The Seventh Napoleon - Moulding Moriarty.            AUGUST

38. The Singular Interview with Professor Moriarty.

39. The Whole Art of Bicycling.                  OCTOBER


40. Eille Norwood, My Dear Rathbone!

41. Eille Norwood, My Dear Conan Doyle!

42. The Youth of Sherlock Holmes - John Barrymore..

43. His Last Bow - An Ode of Remembrance.    NOVEMBER

44. Sherlock's Motto in The Creeping Man.

45. For All That Love Them Well - Mycroft & Sherlock Holmes.

46. Whom God Hath Joined - Conan Doyle & The Divorce Laws.  DECEMBER

47. The Parable of the Good Sherlockian


48.Follow That Goose - Blue Carbuncle (1) Timeline.

49. A Gem of a Story - Blue Carbuncle (2) Christmas Day post.

50. How to Write Like Doctor Watson - Blue Carbuncle (3)         JANUARY

51.How Many Steps to Baker Street? A Mastermind Special.

52. The Doyle Bust Business (1)

53.Sherlock Holmes - William Gillette's lost 1916 Film.

54. "Good Night, Mr. Sherlock Holmes" - a short story.              FEBRUARY

55."The Storming Party" Poem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

56."A Tired Police Captain" - The Doyle Bust Business (Part Two)

57. Timing The Solitary Cyclist - A Timeline of the story.               MARCH

58. The Case of The Sherlock Holmes Casebook - A Literary Note

59. The Red-Headed League - A Note on Watson's Chronicling.

60. The Other Dr. Watson - Conan Doyle's Harrogate Friend & Colleague.

61. The Tent of Doctor Doyle - Building Undershaw & Grant Allen.    APRIL

62. "With Catlike Tread" - Henry Irving's Cat         MAY

63. "Bradshaw!" - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1913 Birthday.

64. Death By Sherlock - The Thames Ditton Tragedy of 1894.   JULY

65. The Observation of Trifles - Fine Detail in Granada's Series
      contents: 1. The Page in  The Resident Patient.
                     2. The Shadow in The Red-Headed League.
66. The Observation of Trifles (continued)
      content:       A Case of Nudity in The Final Problem.

67. The Road to The Lyceum - Gillette's Holmes in England (1)    OCTOBER.

68. The Road to The Lyceum - Sherlock Holmes in Liverpool (2)

69. November Three 1933 Happy Birthday JB!                             NOVEMBER

70. Conan Doyle - Actor.

71. Many Happy Returns - 'Sherlock' as Sonnet.                           DECEMBER

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  1. "She must perforce be man and woman using all her wit and talents to survive" is an important observation. The endurance of Holmes' character is inarguable. "The Woman" figures largely in this one story and has a character which seems more nebulous, and often now relegated to the confines of "femme fatale". While Irene may represent an enduring feminine ideal to Holmes in a masculine view, she may also represent a complex and dubious/enviable role model to women. The overt or sometimes subconscious need to study men and learn to move in their world was understood by Irene and is understood by ambitious women of today (#Sherlock - "I make my way in the world"). It is remarkable that Arthur Conan Doyle was sensitive to this idea even in his time.