Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Passing of Sherlock Holmes.


 JEREMY             BRETT


         The Passing of Sherlock Holmes

Deserted hives littered the cottage garden.

Some time one evening they must have sensed
The Keeper's hand withdrawn, reluctantly.

So, then, as one, they paused
To dance the ritual of the gathering;
Swarmed; then, bee by bee,
Returned in silence to the secret places. 

                                           Ray Wilcockson.

copyright Ray Wilcockson March 7, 2012.

                                            The Risen Holmes.

For Martin Freeman
      Holmesian           Haiku 

The risen Sherlock watches
 John in agony:
Everyman bereaved. 

                                       Ray Wilcockson 

copyright Ray Wilcockson 10 March, 2012.